Court Appearances

Have you received a Court Attendance Notice?  Do you need to appear in Court?  Appearing at Court without a Lawyer can be a daunting experience.  Here are some tips to help you if you choose to represent yourself.


  • Make sure you arrive early
  • Make sure you have your paperwork with you
  • Ensure that you have references ready for the Magistrate and Police Prosecutor to read
  • Always address the Magistrate as “Your Honour”
  • Be prepared to participate in an interview so a pre-sentence report can be prepared to help the Magistrate decide what sentence options are most suitable to your situation, eg. a custodial sentence, a fine or something else

If you choose to engage a lawyer, we would be happy to assist.  We regularly appear for clients who have been charged with driving offences and offences relating to violence and drugs.


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