Fixed-fee Conveyancing

At Stanfords  we ensure your conveyancing transaction is handled with care, using our years of industry expertise and qualifications.

For most families their home is their biggest and most valuable asset. Conveyancing is a vitally important process and careful consideration must be given to this important transaction.

We investigate and research issues along the way and provide guidance and support in order to deliver a smooth conveyancing transaction. We offer a fixed fee conveyancing service along with after hours and Saturday appointments for our clients.

Conveyancing – what does it mean?

It generally refers to the transfer of the legal title of real estate from one owner to another. Owners can be people or corporate entities. The most common types of legal title are “real property”, “strata title”, “community title” or “company title”. Less common these days is “Old system title” and “Limited title”. These types of title exist in older areas usually.

Our experience ensures that no matter the type of title involved, we cover all the bases so you have total peace of min


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